Big Island Rogue Pickleball Hui

Welcome to Big Island Rogue Pickleball Hui. We play at the Holua Racquet and Paddle Center in Keauhou. Our mission is to provide a fun and organized playing group while contributing to the growth of this amazing sport. Please explore our website to learn more.


updated: Thu 5/19/2022 3:40 pm

Cloudy but not rainy. If that changes, we'll post the details here.


updated: Thu 5/19/2022 3:40 pm

Unfortunately we have to cancel this Saturday's round robin. It will resume in two weeks, since there will be no round robin next weekend due to the Ambassador's Cup tournament. However, there will be OPEN PLAY on Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30. Of course for open play no registration is necessary!

There are FINALLY tournament photos available! Thanks to Dave Krystal for all of his time and effort in getting these great pictures! You can click HERE to go to the page.

Week 3 of Ladder League is tonight. If you are not in but would like to be, contact Gabe if you can commit to playing four of the next six Thursday nights at 5:30 pm.

Click HERE to see the results through week 2 of Ladder League.

Last Saturday's round robin included 36 players in 4 groups. Click HERE to see the results.

The Ambassador's Cup tournament will be held AT HOLUA on Friday, May 27 and Saturday, May 28. This tournament is a fundraiser being held to benefit the Friends of First Responders Big Island. Click HERE for the tournament flyer on, and click HERE for the registration page. This is the LAST WEEK to register!

We have a new item in our lost and found - a TRILOGY hat. Click HERE to take a look and let us know if it is yours.

Check out our Community BB page for some exciting upcoming events! Click HERE to go there.


Check the Crack Attack Tournament page for all medal winners and prize drawing winners! Click HERE to go there!

Regular Hui play is scheduled this week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 4:00.


Doubles beginner invitational

GOLD: Christy Marin/Robert Marin

SILVER: Lorella DePieri/Michelle Sydeman

BRONZE: Vicki Orr/Debby Kinder

Women's doubles under 60: 3.0

GOLD: Lori Okino/Sydney Higo

SILVER: Stephanie Hensley/Christine Murtha

BRONZE: Denise Davis/Susie Lindquist

Women's doubles under 60: 3.5

GOLD: Lee Kalama/Glory Arnott

SILVER: Sue Byron/Jennifer Rushing

BRONZE: Dorene Vazquez/Anousone Jensen

Women's doubles under 60: 4.0

GOLD: Char Lincoln/Saga Leupolu

SILVER: Michelle Ayau/Lea Carey

BRONZE: Mary Witthans/Mehana Sabado-Halpern

Women's doubles 60+: 3.0

GOLD: Sue Welton/Noel Ackerman

SILVER: Susie Girouard/Jackie Kamahoahoa

BRONZE: Lani Larrua/Jennifer Greimann

Women's doubles 60+: 3.5

GOLD: Terry Larson/Kathy Sharit

SILVER: Evie Lahti/Debbie Hodges

Women's doubles 60+: 4.0

GOLD: Debbie Loeffler/Louise Knop

SILVER: Laura Hamilton/Sally Kennel

Men's doubles under 60: 3.0

GOLD: Keenan Liu/Jonah Liu

SILVER: Dakota Bell/Andy Meyer

BRONZE: Ben Sharit/Jeff Byron

Men's doubles under 60: 3.5

GOLD: Adam Tabieros/Chance Wall

SILVER: Michael Foster/Alexander Bell

BRONZE: Michael Bleau/Mat Regele

Men's doubles under 60: 4.0

GOLD: Vince Chun/Randy Liu

SILVER: Martin Vazquez/Gabe Vazquez

BRONZE: Jeff Hopkins/Adam Ruderman

Men's doubles under 60: 4.5

GOLD: Spencer Baker/Dan Caputo

SILVER: Stefan Kimura/Finn Gallagher

BRONZE: Brian Hunter/Andrei Straumanis

Men's doubles 60+: 3.0

GOLD: Cyrus Okino/Paul Higo

SILVER: Gus Weinhart/Bryan Kamahoahoa

BRONZE: Todd Greimann/Brad Heinze

Men's doubles 60+: 3.5

GOLD: Kevin Salwen/John Burns

SILVER: Gary Hewlett/Jonathan Lind

BRONZE: Bob Darling/Dave Knittle

Mixed doubles under 60: 3.0

GOLD: Sydney Higo/Paul Higo

SILVER: Christine Murtha/Andy Meyer

BRONZE: Jody Schatz/Gary Hewlett

Mixed doubles under 60: 3.5

GOLD: Glory Arnott/Adam Tabieros

SILVER: Anousone Jensen/Michael Foster

BRONZE: Kelly Hernandez/Mat Regele

Mixed doubles under 60: 4.0

GOLD: Sue Byron/Gabe Vazquez

SILVER: Michelle Double/Mike Lam

BRONZE: Jennifer Rushing/Edward Hechter

Mixed doubles under 60: 4.5

GOLD: Mary Witthans/Vince Chun

SILVER: Char Lincoln/Finn Gallagher

BRONZE: Sue Welton/Richard Kahalioumi

Mixed doubles 60+: 3.0

GOLD: Jackie Kamahoahoa/Bryan Kamahoahoa

SILVER: Kimberly Bisnar/John Bisnar

BRONZE: Lorella DePieri/Gus Weinhart

Mixed doubles 60+: 3.5

GOLD: Debbie Loeffler/Kevin Salwen

SILVER: Terry Larson/Koji Kato

BRONZE: Sally Kennel/Scott Miller

Mixed doubles 60+: 4.0

GOLD: Louise Knop/Dean Jenkins

SILVER: Laura Hamilton/Kim Girouard

BRONZE: Lee Kalama/Dave Knittle